The Purpose of Assignment 3 was to consolidate understanding of Shutter Speed, and Panning.  The first series of images is the same object in motion, taken at different shutter speeds.  The second set of images are panning shots, keeping the moving object frozen in focus, and blurring the background.

I was not allowed to adjust the picture in any way after taking it.

Photos of backyard whirly-gig with increasing shutter speeds. 

Panning shots of a random car, the neighbors, and Dummkopf the dog.


What was challenging about this assignment was finding something visually interesting to shoot.  The requirement that something be spinning was limiting.  Luckily my neighborhood had bulk trash pick up and someone was throwing that whirlygig out, so I cleaned it up, painted it, and now it lives in my back yard.  In that respect, thanks, I kind of like it.  

I was surprised how well the dog shot came out.  He is a puppy, so I wasn’t even trying to get a shot of him, I was just shooting normally and he started running.  Not the most in-focus, but for capturing a puppy randomly, I’m happy with it.  The kid was also challenging.  You cannot exactly say to  your neighbor “can your nephew run any faster than that, because I’m not really getting a good effect here…”  Hence the car, which is the only thing I could really get well, but it’s visually pretty boring. 

I realize the point of the assignments right now are to learn these skills, but still… if you’re going to photograph something, why not something interesting?  That’s why I’m not amazingly happy with these.  They’re boring.  But I did learn stuff.