The Purpose of Assignment 4 was to practice the art of “seeing” a photograph.  The instructions were to find a spot, plant your foot, and then pivot around that plant, taking 10 photos without moving.

I was not allowed to crop any of the photos.


This assignment was difficult and it took me quite a few tries to find a location that had a sufficiently variable scene that would allow my 4 foot 11 frame a variety of photographs.  (That last one is stretched out on my stomach, with my toe just barely touching the spot I had picked!) I then patiently waited.  It reminded me a lot of shooting with film, where one has a small finite amount of opportunities and needs to be choosy with it.  I didn’t realize how comfortable I had become with the options afforded to me by a 128 gb memory card. (2, actually, my camera holds 2). 

Right now they’re all a compromise, but were I allowed to process them I think I would be happier with the outcome (not that I know a lot about processing images, but I know enough to get closer to what I wanted.)  That said I believe my favorite is number 9, thanks to the dappling of the light and the leading line of the pathway.   Although it’s a close tie with number 7, which I would crop in order to highlight the dew drop more.