The Purpose of Assignment 6 was to practice different compositional elements.  I had to produce 9 images demonstrating understanding of compositional aspects.  They were:

  • 1. Fill The Frame
  • 2. Frame Within a Frame
  • 3. Viewpoint
  • 4. Isolation
  • 5. Foreground and Background
  • 6. Leading Lines
  • 7. Rule of Thirds
  • 8. Symmetry
  • 9. Horizon


This assignment was fairly challenging.  It was hard to try to go out and specifically find photos for certain aspects, as opposed to just trying to incorporate those aspects into the photos I am taking.  

I found Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, and Isolation fairly easy, as I tend to try to do those things already.  Considering that I tried to get really creative with it.  I’m particularly happy with my leading lines photo, although I wish I wasn’t fighting the sun.  Unfortunately, the wind dictated where my subject would be, so I did the best I could.  I’m also fairly happy with my isolation photo, although I would have liked to have gotten him at a slightly higher shutter speed, the absolutely abysmal lighting in the venue limited my options.  

Foreground and Background, Framing, and Horizon are three elements I incorporate into my photography a decent amount but have not actually thought about.  Horizon I especially do not think about, and I found that exercise to be very helpful  Of these three I’m especially happy with the Foreground and Background photo.  I tried many times before I captured 3 layers of people in the photo, and I could have also used that photo for my Framing option as well.  I think it’s just a well-composed photo.  Again, abysmal lighting and the action necessitated a high shutter speed.  

Finally, Fill the Frame, Viewpoint, and Symmetry are perhaps the three things I think of the least.  Of these 3, Viewpoint is the one I probably consider the most, owing to my short stature.  It is a rare day I can take a photo of my subject at a normal angle.  Of these 3 I found fill the frame the hardest to accomplish, mostly because of my tools.  I wish I had a macro lens, although I did my best.  I found symmetry the most fun.  It was said that once you start thinking of symmetry you will see it everywhere.  I was leaving my house when I noticed the gecko, and the symmetrical nature of his surroundings.  

I found this exercise helpful and I think I will probably repeat it many times.  I don’t think making these elements of photography automatic will happen in one week, so I plan on continuing to drill them in.