The Purpose of Assignment 8 was to create 2 related Flat Lay Still Life Photos.


The dual set of images reflect the cost and “reward” of military service.  Napoleon was once credited as having said “if I had enough ribbon I could take over the world.”  The image entitled “The Reward” is actually a shadow box that lives in my house in what I affectionately refer to as “the War Room” where all my, and my husband’s, military paraphernalia live.  I relegate it all to one room in the house, although upon reflection I realized that’s not exactly true, as everything in the image titled “The Cost” is technically my military paraphernalia as well. 
I tried to create symmetry in the presentation, all the bottles on the top are vertical, to match the unit insignias, and the bottles on the bottom are in rows, much like the ribbon rack.  I sacrificed exact symmetry between the two in order to preserve the tight, packed-in feel in the second image.  I wanted that image to seem cluttered, to emphasize the sheer volume of objects.  While there are more ribbons and ranks and what we call “whoopie badges” in The Reward, the sheer magnitude of medication and props that have to hold together the body that earned them is packed in tight to draw the comparison. 
It is my sincerest hope that the comparison is easily drawn without an explanation needed.